In 2014, Norway celebrated the 200th anniversary of its constitution. Haugesund Teater and director Birgit Amalie Nilssen came up with an idea to make a very spesial performance, collaborating with Bernard Østbø, Kitchen Orchestra, Harald Hårfagre kammerorkester, Amnesty International, Fartein Valen Festivalen, Kompani Haugesund, MUNOR and Haugesund kommune.

Slowly has our democracy emerged . Some people are inside, others outside . With Transparens we celebrate good laws, and burn the bad . We look at how far we have come . And how far we have left to go . As individuals . As a country . As part of the world.

The performance took place in the town hall, where almost every room was used, and the audience was walking from room to room experiening different scenes, in different art forms.

Director : Birgit Amalie Nilssen
Choreography: Christopher Arouni
Music: Magnar Åm