About us

Kompani Haugesund was founded 9 January 2011 and is a project-based dance company with connections to the Haugalandet region. The aim of the company is to gather together creative individuals with the primary objective of providing the district with a better offer of dance-related events. We wish to contribute to a more varied and innovative cultural scene. Kompani Haugesund will do all it can to make professional dance more prominent and to create a greater public arena for dance through workshops, performances and dance-related debates. The company will be working to improve conditions for performing dancers in the Haugaland region, and wishes, where possible, to recruit local artists and performers within the field of dance. Kompani Haugesund will, in the coming years, be producing many forms of dance and will be working closely with the various branches of the arts and commercial sectors in the region of Haugalandet.

Our logo is created by Ginungagap

One of the many aims of the company is to provide forms of art and culture capable of competing with other similar groups from outside the district.

Kompani Haugesund wishes to play an integral role in bridging the gap between those working with the various forms of arts and culture, and between the arts and the business community. The intention is not only to stimulate collaboration, but also to exchange information and experiences so that Haugalandet can enjoy a broader choice of the arts.

Our work is innovative and fearless, and it is our desire to show the people of Haugaland that dance is art, dance is culture, it is entertaining and it can be enjoyed by everyone. Through our work we wish to give something back to the town that formed and shaped us.

Magenta, our first full-length performance premiered at Festiviteten Haugesund in 2011.

Next production was in 2014; a performance in two parts entitled This is Now Mono by the renowned choreographers Christopher Arouni and Mia Haugaland Habib.

Todelt Aften premiered 7th September 2017 in Festiviteten Haugesund. A two parts performance; Glassperle by Janne Camilla Lyster and WOW! by Stian Danielsen. In a new edition Todelt Aften went on tour with Suite Transformè by Janne-Camilla Lyster and WOW! by Stian Danielsen. Preformed in Festiviteten Haugesund february 2019, and The Norwegian Opera and Ballet – Oslo march 2019.

The company has worked on a range of smaller projects in between these larger performances. Among these have been collaborations with Festiviteten, Scenekraft, Munor, Haugesund Teater, TV Haugaland, Kulturnatt – Haugesund, the Fartein Valen Festival, Den Kulturelle Spaserstokken, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken and Kulturskrinet Karmøy. We are also a proud member of Haugaland KunstVerk