In this performance of Teenages, originally composed by Qasim Naqvi, we meet the music and a fresh new choreography. The composer Gregor Riddell has chosen to focus on the play between the electronical expression in the original music, and the acoustic sound picture this staging is characterized by. 

The choreography has also been inspired by these opposites, it is created a room on stage where you wonder if the sound is electronically or acoustic, if the movements is created in advance or is improvised. In this playful landscape it exists six musicians and two dancers In one room, where the art is equal and coloured by an active participant of visual art. 

Premiere:  22. June 2022 at PODIUMfestivalen Festiviteten

Choreography: Ludvig Herstad

Co-creators and dancers: Panisara Wanlopbanhan og Oda Østenstad Fjell 

Artistic responsible:  Ludvig Herstad and Oda Østenstad Fjell 

Composer: Gregor Riddell/Quasim Naqvi

Visual art: Tobias Gulbrandsen