ROM for Impro

ROOM for exploration
ROOM for experiences
ROOM for sharing
ROOM for being yourself
ROOM for being together
ROOM for everyone
ROOM for improv

Within a large square we are going to create a very special room. Within the room we will dance. Together. We will create our own movements, perhaps imitate each other, and move in many different ways. Some of the movements may be nice, some funny, some cool, some weird. Nothing is more right or wrong. Because this is OUR room, and WE decide the rules.

This fall, despite corona regulation, more than 600 6th graders in Karmøy got a performative workshop in danceimprovisation through DKS. Within a big square on the floor the children explored movement through different tasks, focusing on both individuality, cooperation and inclusion. The children got to see improvised dance, talk about it, and try it out for themselves.

Concept and dance: Ida Cathrin Utvik
Video – Veavågen Skole, edited by: Petter Misje
Photo: Astrid Havn Tranøy