Rikssamlingsjubileet 2022

“A thousand years ago Vikings danced to get in trance to heal humans or places. They danced on big days and markings, but rarely as entertainment, as their own celebration or to dance as a unit. The performance presented at Rikssamlingsjubileet 2022 comes from the core, the purest form; A moving body in interaction with music. Dance, like it has been seen for a thousand years. The choreography is expressing the human and honest. It is strong, powerful and big. Two bodys that capture each other, the audiens and the rhythms from the music.”

Premiere: 11 June 2022 at Rikssamlingsjubileet 2022

Dancers: Ina Bråstein and Synne Garvik 

Music: Runi Atma and Amir Ashkan 

Costume: Veronika Hong