Og siden har ingen sett dem

“Slowly they emerge, carying their stories. No one knows who they are, or where they came from. Everything is written.”

In this site specific dance performance the company wishes to draw the audience into a magical world of fairy tales and books. Can the stories come to life?

Concept: Ida Cathrin Utvik and Linn Hoftun
Choreography and dance: Martine Bentsen, Synne Garvik, Ingeborg Haakonsholm, Linn Hoftun, Ingeborg Beate D. Jønsson and Ida Cathrin Utvik
Make up: Martine Bentsen
Costumes: the dancers

Premiere 19. october 2019 Biblioteksparken Haugesund

Photo: Kristian Thorsen Eikeland
Photo: Kristian Thorsen Eikeland