Kvinne i for stor herreskjorte

«Kvinne i for stor herreskjorte» is a scenic meeting between poetry, movement and sound. The piece is based on a text which describes a glorification of someone you know little to nothing about, an assessment done in seconds. How are we infatuated by someone we don’t know, how do we give them the perfect personality in our mind and force them into our fantasy. Is this all generated by our own need to be desired and glorified?
The piece portrays both the voice of the observer and the subject, and in this encounter the movement is playful and humane, whilst the music adds a darker side, responding to this maybe unwanted attention. Because of the nature of this spontaneous and intuitive conversation, the piece is heavily based on improvisation with theatrical elements.

Dorothea Økland – vocals and synthesizer
Oda Østenstad Fjell – dance and text
Stian Eismann – percussion
Mats Moe and Maria Omarsdottir Austgulen – the «observer» and «subject»

Premiere: Kulturnatt – Festiviteten Haugesund, 10. november 2017

On tour – fall 2018, premiere Oslo.