Jeg lengter hjem

“Jeg lengter hjem” is a performance based on Kolbein Falkeid’s poems, and was a collaboration between Kompani Haugesund and MUNOR, made for Barne og ungdomspsykriati (BUP).

“DAD” – is the main theme in “Jeg lengter hjem”, and take root in five of Kolbein Falkeids poems. The poems is performed by the actress Irene Halseid, and music performed by MUNOR.

Choreographed and danced by Ingeborg Beate D. Jønsson, Ingebjørg Sjøvoll and Ida Cathrin Utvik.

This performance was a commissioned work made for BUPs annual congress. This year in Avaldsnes Church – Karmøy.


Later performed in The Fartein Valen Festival – Skåre Kirke, Haugesund – november 2014. In collaboration with MUNOR, Harald Hårfagre Kammerorkester and Christopher Arouni.