Ginas dans

Ginas dans is a tribute to strong women, brave enough to speak up for what they believe in.

The dance was choreographed for the performance Gina i Skudeneshavn, performed in Falnes Church on 20 June. The performance was part of the Norwegian women’s s suffrage centenary, Stemmerettsjubileet, and a celebration of the Norwegian feminist Gina Krog. Gina Krog was known as a radical and uncompromising champion of women’s rights.

During Kulturnatt Haugesund in October, the performance was performed again, in Skåre Church of Culture.
Choreography and dance: Ida Cathrin Utvik

Director: Nina Lill Veste

Music: Lars Inge Tjøstheim

Actors: Nina Sele and Jon Sverre Servan

Produced by Karmøy Kommune