FANplASTIC – coming fall 2019

We’ll bathe in it. Scroll us through, bury us below. We let it rain over us.

Plastic is all we know, almost. We love it. And we hate it.

FANPLASTIC invites you to a world full of plastic. Is this our future, or is it really an honest picture of the present? The dancer play with the nice line between the beautiful and the nasty. We hope this work can inspire the audience to take a stand for the problem, as well as provoke, challenge and consciously.

Dance and choreography: Synne Garvik and Karoline Aspaas Kvinnesland
Music and composer: Arne Martin Nybo

Cooperation with: Rogaland fylkeskommune, Kompani Haugesund, Tou Scene in Stavanger and Tysværtunet Kulturhus

Premiere: Fall 2019