Dans! – on tour

Dance is art.
Dance is storytelling without words.
Dance is creativity .
Dance is together with others.
Dancing is fun!

DANS! was originally developed and choreographed by the company’s founder and inspiration, Anne Jorunn Salhus. The interactive performance had its premiere in 2010 at Førsteklassefest, a yearly cultural event for all first graders in Tysvær kommune. Since then, DANS! has been performed numerous times at Førsteklassefestas well as toured schools in Karmøy, Tysvær and Haugesund.

Concept and choreography: Anne Jorunn Salhus
Further development and choreography: Ida Cathrin Utvik
Dance: Veslemøy Odland

Den kulturelle skolesekken 2018: Veslemøy Odland visited eight primary schools in Haugesund.

Den kulturelle skolesekken 2019: Veslemøy Odland visited primary schools in Haugesund, Tysvær, Karmøy and Bokn.