Daniel Danielsens gate 55

«Daniel Danielsens gate 55» is a unique dance performance where the audience is walking through the historic Staalehuset. Audience follows two detectives in search of a villain, and the rooms are brought to life by the characters who lives there.

Premiere 23. October 2021 at Kulturnatt Haugesund Staalehuset

Choreography: Ludvig Herstad

Dancers: Martine Bentsen, Ina Bråstein, Oda Østenstad Fjell, Synne Garvik, Elisabeth Gjerde, Ingeborg Haakonsholm, Ingeborg Beate D. Jønsson, Karoline Aspaas Kvinnesland and Veslemøy Odland

Costumes: Nuri Ribera Anfinsen

Light design: Simon Alvsvåg