Both, but not for such as You and I

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‘’Eternity is a designation of time that never ends. It is often used in religious and philosophical contexts about a period of time without a beginning and without an end.

For many, the correct meaning is difficult to understand. As time is relative, it can be claimed that it is also indifferent or without significance.’’


What would happen if a human being was perpetual? We explore two contradictory forces that work in the same direction to achieve something greater than itself. It is about gathering breath and passing it on, finding energy and passing it on. Working with movement, we want to achieve a force between us that is never ending.


Premiere: Festiviteten Haugesund, Kulturnatt 20. October 2018

Choreographers and dancers: Even Eileraas and Synne Garvik

Music by: Dorothea Økland



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