MONO is a turquoise live cartoon filled with figures meeting their own chaos. The performance is a paradoxical research in variation, multiplicity and virtuosity. The physical language can be associated with cartoons, ideas about the hero and the antihero, to different political, cultural and historical symbols and gestures, while also using various dance techniques.

”We zap through images, we are a chaos of scenarios and situations, we are run by will and instinct, we are run by moods and music, we are ideas and ideologies, we are the cracking hero, we are the blurred reality, we are the absurd fantasy, we are volatile, we are insanity, we are loneliness, we fail, we are human and inhuman, we are old and new ideals, we are monuments, we are symbols, we die, we are outdated, we get new meaning, we are meaningless, we are merciless, we are conflict, we are a caricature, we are funny, we are serious, we have no answers, we have no conclusion.”


Choreography: Mia Habib

Dancers: Nuri Ribera Anfinsen, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm (guest artist), Eva Grainger, Ingeborg Haakonsholm and Eirik Folkedal

Musicians: Anne Lise Frøkedal, Ørjan Haaland, Simon Næsse
 and Linn Frøkendal (RAS and Aerowaves Spring Forward 2014 )
Lighting designer: Ingeborg Olerud
Scenography and costume: Olav Myrtvedt
Scenography assistant: Njål Lunde
Executive producer: Eva Grainger
Documentation: Petter Misje
Produced by: Kompani Haugesund
Co-produced by: Festiviteten Haugesund and Haugesund Theatre.
Supported by: Arts Council Norway , Fond for utøvende kunstnere , Fond for Lyd og Bilde , Rogaland fylkeskommune, Kultur og Festivalutvikling Haugesund kommune, Tysvær Kommune, Karmøy Kommune , Eidesvik ASHaugesund Sparebank and Laastad 
Premiere programmed by Festiviteten Haugesund 23.01.2014.
Tour programmed by Bømlo Theatre, Tysvær Kulturhus  RAS Sandnes and Aerowaves Spring Forward 2014 Barcelona.

      Mono 4 Foto Edgar Bachel             Mono foto Øyvind Sætre_o








Ingeborg Haakonsholm


Portrett Eva 2018
Eva Grainger

Producer, Dancer

Nuri Ribera Anfinsen
Nuri Ribera Anfinsen